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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Peta KidZania KL (1)

Akak pergi ke KidZania tanpa banyak maklumat sebab hari jumaat baru akak beli tiket. Akak ambil peta ni dari :-   untuk panduan masa akan datang. Bila bacani memang rasa ralatler pulak sebab tak survey betoi-betoi sebelum pergi.
Jom tengok aras pertama KidZania.
1: The New Straits Times Press ~ Roam the city to find news to write and publish. Deliver copies of newspaper around the city or collect for recycling
2: Job Information ~ Create your own resumes and identify suitable jobs through a special software
3: CIMB Bank Vault ~ Perform KidZos count and bundling or be in charge of the safe transport/collection of KidZos around the city
4: CIMB Bank ~ Deposit cheques, open a bank account or KidZos withdrawal. ATM machine available here
5: Marrybrown Burger Shop ~ Learn how to make your own burgers
6: Chika's Locker Fashion Boutique ~ Learn about posing and modelling on the catwalk. Perform a fashion parade on the catwalk for a fashion show
7: Sony Photo Lab ~ Learn how to take photos using digital single-lens reflex cameras. Edit and print photos taken
8: Theatre ~  Perform or watch shows at the theatre
9: Acting Academy ~ Learn acting skills and roles in a stage play. Participate in a parade alongside KidZania's carnival band
10: Urbano's Magic Shop & Studio ~ Become magicians and perform a magic show in the theatre. Learn how to perform magic tricks
11: National College ~ Undergo a course comprising lecture, test and assignment to obtain a degree that entitles you to better pay
12: Secret Agent ~ Undergo an extensive physical test to obtain accreditation as a certified secret agent of KidZania
13: 100PLUS Wall Climbing ~ Climb a 6 meter facade with different difficulty levels in a safe and entertaining manner
14: Painting School ~ Unleash your artistic talents by learning to paint using various drawing media
15: Dentist ~ Learn about dental hygiene and perform dental treatments on a patient(dummy)
16: Beauty Salon ~ Experience hair styling, facial makeover & manicure services at a beauty salon
17: Z*Mart Supermarket ~ Shop using a shopping list and cash voucher. Work as a packer or cashier at the cash counter
18: Construction Site ~ Learn the basics of brick laying in constructing a brick wall
19: Nippon Paint House Painting ~ Paint the exterior or interior wall of a residence with real paint
20: Window Washing ~ Learn window cleaning procedures while elevated on a gondola to reach different levels of the building
21: Honda Department of Motor Vehicles ~ Sit for a driving simulation test to obtain your driving license before visiting Honda Driving Streets
22: Honda Car Dealership ~ Learn the features of Honda Insight and design your own cars using software. Paint a clay model based on designs
23: BHPetrol Service Station ~ Pump petrol for the vehicles roaming around Honda Driving Streets
24: Car Wash ~ Go through the car wash area when performing activity in the Honda Driving Street
25: Auto Repair Shop ~ Explore different engine components and perform basic auto repair works
26: Honda Driving Street ~ Rent kid-sized vehicles to be driven around the circuit
27: Sushi King Sushi Bar ~ Learn how to make sushi
28: Ayam Brand Cooking School ~ Learn how to prepare a meal using a fixed recipe
29: Radio Station ~ Experience the thrill and excitement of becoming a radio announcer
30: The Big Flame Hotel ~ Perform fire extinguishing activity on the hotel. Register at FITTERS - Fire Station
31: TNB Energy Control Centre ~ Participate in energy control monitoring and perform energy repair works
32: FITTERS - Fire Station ~ Education on fire prevention. Perform fire extinguishing activity or rescue animal(s) after commuting in a fire truck
33: Alianz Insurance Company ~ Play the role of insurance agent to other visitors. Subscribe to insurance policies on offer
34: KPJ Emergency Room ~ Perform paramedic duties by locating and treating injured patients. Play the role of an injured patient and be treated
35: CTC Travel Agency ~Become a tour guide around KidZania. Take part in a sightseeing tour. Create a travel itinerary and brochure
36: S.O.X. Mobile Phone Zone ~ Rent cellular phones to make calls, send texts, capture photos and perform downloads within the city
37: Hoya Eye Care Centre ~ Get your eyesight tested to obtain a driver's license. Learn about eye health
38: TM Telecommunications Centre ~ Be part of the technical team replacing fiber optic cables and activating broadband connection
39: Karatz Jewellery Shop ~Learn and produce interesting accessories for themselves
40: PosLaju Courier Service ~ Deliver or collect parcels and packages to or from designated venues around the city
41: C.S.I. ~ Gather and piece together evidence at crime scene. Analyse evidence to obtain empirical data
42: Jail ~ Part of the Police Station. Used for Kidzania police activities
43: STABILO Arts & Crafts Studio ~ Participate in arts & crafts activity
44: Courthouse ~ Take part in a legal proceeding with opening statements, witness testimony, closing arguments and judgment
45: Police Station ~ Multiple tasks of clue-finding and solving mystery cases. Participate in barricading high-risk locations

Petunjuk :

warna : + kidzos (dapat duit)

warna : - kidzos (keluarkan duit)
warna : + kidzos & - kidzos (ada dapat ada kena keluarkan duit)
Perasan tak ada kertas di tampal di depan balai polistu, kena baca itu dahulu sebelum kita rasa berbaloi atau tidak untuk beratur... Pada entry peta kidzania KL (2) nanti akan akak terangkan apakah maksud yang tertera..


  1. memang besar tempat tu..... teringin nak pi...tapi takde anak.... so takan yg besaq nie nak masuk...hu3

  2. besar sungguh tempat tu kan. mesti sesak dgn budak2 rombongan sekolah

  3. kena pegi sana jugak satu hari nanti..tunggu si kembar besar sikit

  4. luas betol kawasan nye~ sonok lah budak2 yer~

  5. Walaaaa...saya takut saya yg tak larat nak kejar anak2 merayap disitu...luasnya..

  6. kenapa akak ralat? agk xphm la. hihi.

    tp yg pasti kwsan tu luas sgt.

  7. nur ain::: akak ralat tu sebab sebelum pergi tu akak tak survey betoi2 peta interaktif di laman web kidzania... pergi sana tak ralat malah seronok...


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