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29 November, 2012

Tempat menarik di Kuala Langat

Sambungan entry yang sebelum ini dengan merumuskan bahawa kalau nak melancongtu dekat-dekatpun boleh. Percayalah macam-macam ada di Kuala Langatni, apatah lagi di Selangor.. akak dapatkan maklumat di bawah dari Tourism Selangor kalau tak silap.. jom tengok, mungkin cuti sekolahni kita tak perlu berhabis duit yang banyak untuk bawak anak-anak berjalan.
Carey Island
Description: Northwest of Morib, across the sea from Port Klang, is Pulau Carey (Carey Island). Located on Selangor’s coast, is a mere 20 minutes drive from the royal town of Klang. Comprised largely of oil palm estates owned by Golden Hope Plantation, the island is also home to the Mah Meri, an aboriginal tribe renowned for their traditional woodcarvings and mask sculptures, depicting their ancestral spirits or 'moyang'. The tribe has kept the legends of their ancestors alive through these figurines and stories told to any willing listeners. Visitors wishing to tour the vast oil palm estates on the island must obtain prior permission from the relevant authorities.
~ Ini akak tak pernah sampai lagi ...
Gold Coast Morib Resort
Description: Gold Coast Morib Resort situated along the majestic seafront of the straits of Malacca in Kuala Langat, the nearest sandy beach found at the southern end of Selangor. Less than 1 ½ hours drive from Kuala Lumpur, the resort offers calm and tranquillity. A place to relax, rejuvenate and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The 14 acres resort with beautiful mangroves and coastal scenery offering 672 well designed rooms ranging from studio suite with Jacuzzi to Penthouse and as well as 2 & 3 bedroom apartments. The resort has many facilities including a water theme park, amphitheatre, swimming pool, food & beverages outlets, a shopping mall and banquet hall with seating capacity of 3,000 person ( under construction )
~ Ini akak dahpun merasa menginap semalam.. oklah... Pernah baca akak punya entry bercuti di sini ;-
Hatters Castle
Description: The Hatters Castle building is located at Carey Island, Banting, Selangor and was once resided by the Manager of the Palm Oil Estate around the 18th century. The building was built a long time ago and had an English architecture. Today, it is open to V.I.P. guests of the Golden Hope Sdn. Bhd. company.
~ Tak pernah sampai gak lagi... kalau pergi ke Pulau Carey mungkin boleh singgah sekali..
Istana Bandar
Description: Built in 1905, it is approximately 20km from Banting town, near to Sultan Alaeddin Mosque. The palace was built by Sultan Alauddin Riayat Shah. The idea and designs for the palace came from the Sultan himself. Once the palace was completed, Sultan Alauddin moved his throne there. He lived in the palace for 35 years, until his death in 1938. The palace itself has two levels, with 15 stately rooms. The Sultan was very involved in the decoration of the palace, giving the palace his personal touches. Family portraits adorn the walls, tracing the lineage of the royal family. The design for the palace is based on Malay art, with sharp roof lines, curved windows and ornately decorated stone staircases. However, the palace also shows various external influences. The exterior facades display western or European features while the wall decorations have mixed artistic influences from Chinese, Indian, as well as Islamic or Middle-Eastern origins.

~ Cantik tak Istana Bandarni... akak pergi sini pintu pagar tutup dah tak boleh masuk rasanya. ~
Kelanang Beach
Description: Kelanang beach is currently open to public to cater the needs of people of Kuala Langat district. Upgrading process is ongoing to provide more facilities and insfrastructure. The beach provides recreational facilities such as local authorities inn, expo area, and an amphiteater. The National Hydraulic Research Institute of Malaysia (NAHRIM) study to ensure the beach is safe and clean all the time. Perhilitan will focus its efforts on conservation and research while attractions like angling, boating, cycling and nature walks in the recreation zone will be privatised.
~ Suami akak akak kata cantik Pantaini tapi tak ramai yang pergi...
Morib Beach
Description: Located within a 30-minutes drive from Klang, Morib is a popular recreational spot surrounded by whispering Casuarinas and swaying palms. At low tide, the shore stretches far into the Straits of Malacca. Visitors can watch small crabs that scuttle away and disappear into the sand. Lovers of history will also discover that Morib contains a wealth of historical sites such as ruins of old government buildings, royal graves and an abandoned palace.
~ Inipun seronok gak ambil udara segar tepi laut tanpa perlu pergi jauh.. Boleh main layang-layang juga di sini..  Ada bacakan akak punya entry pasal Pantai Morib :-
Description: Paragliding is one of the major airborne sport highlighted here, due to its hilly terrain as well as the calming breeze, which make up some of the main factors making paragliding sport an experience that you cannot forget. Training and guidance will be given if you are interested in undertaking the challenge of this extreme sport.
~ Bestkan dah bacakan akak punya entry pasal ni :-
Muzium Insitu Jugra

Description: The district of Kuala Langat is situated south of Klang district and west of Sepang district. Part of Kuala Langat is situated along the coast of the Straits of Melaka. Kuala Langat was the third administrative centre of the Selangor Sultanate after Bukit Malawati, Kuala Selangor and Klang. Sultan Abdul Samad founded the early settlement in Bukit Jugra when he explored Kuala Langat. Bukit Jugra was originally known as Tanjung Kera. However, when His Highness resided here, Tanjung Kera was re-named Bandar Temasya.

The Jugra Insitu Museum is located at the foot of Bukit Jugra and is near the Langat River, approximately 70 km from the city of Shah Alam. This building was originally an old police station and housed a prison. It was a double-storeyed building which functioned as a place to carry out sentences according to the British judicial system applied at that time. It was constructed in 1875 by Captain Harry Charles Syers, a British police officer. The museum was built using stones (granite) found in the area. The stones were cut into squares to form a strong and solid building structure. The upper storey was used as the court and ground floor as the prison. It was gazetted by the Department of National Heritage on 19 November 2002.

~ Baru lagi akak buat entrynikan :-

Paya Indah Wetlands
Description: The Paya Indah Wetlands in Dengkil, Selangor, which has been closed since February 2005, is now open to visitors. The 3,100 hectares sanctuary filled with some 210 species of residential and migratory birds and 26 species of mammals, including four Nile hippos. The Perhilitan will focus its efforts on conservation and research while attractions like angling, boating, cycling and nature walks in the recreation zone will be privatised.
Sultan Abdul Samad Mausoleum
Description: The Royal Mausoleum in Jugra is another historical site in the district. Sultan Abdul Samad was buried in this mausoleum. After the administrative centre was moved from Jugra to Klang, the mausoleum serves as the burial ground for the Selangor royal family. Started in 1884, the mausoleum is also known as "Marhum Jugra". The mausoleum was constructed according to Islamic architecture with Moorish features, as can be seen in the structure of the dome. The mausoleum constantly receives visitors from the royal families and also from the public

~ Tak sempat nak masuk sembahyang kat sini... ~

Bersyukur menjadi rakyat Malaysia yang banyak tempat untuk dilawati dalam keadaan aman dan damai... Kalau ada rezeki akak nak menerokai daerah Klang... berangan..

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